Get to know the people you work with

Build better relationships with your remote coworkers through collaborative discussion and reflection.

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How it works

Your coworkers are more than Slack avatars

Say goodbye to virtual coffee chats that turn into status updates and weather reports. Marginal provides features to connect, learn, and grow with your teammates.

  • Curated Content

    Select a topic from our library, like "company culture," that matters to you and your team.

  • Thoughtful Preparation

    Invest an hour each week reviewing the proposed topic and recording observations to discuss with your team.

  • Genuine Conversation

    Engage in a series of substantive discussions that uncover the humans that you work with.

Key Benefits

Stop feeling alone in an office full of teammates

Build satisfying relationships

Day-to-day tasks are dull when your team is full of strangers. Knowing who you're working alongside makes work social and rewarding. Marginal sparks conversations that help you bring more of you and your coworkers into your life.

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Build satisfying relationships

Practice collaboration

Solving tough challenges with people that you don't know how to talk to is frustrating and demotivating. Use Marginal to exercise framing tricky points, or refine active listening skills, to support fruitful discussions. Practice working together so that you can problem-solve with your team when it really counts.

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practice collaboration

Save the awkward pauses for another meeting

Nobody wants to be the person that shows up to a discussion unprepared! Marginal encourages you and your team to prepare before each meeting, then facilitates thoughtful and engaging conversations.

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Don't waste a great discussion

Make each discussion count by embracing the power of reflection. Marginal encourages you to share personal highlights and key takeaways from each discussion to reinforce what you're learning about the material - and each other.

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Ready to start having real conversations at work? Get started today.

That awkward divide between you and your coworkers isn't going to close itself. Marginal will help you bridge the gap and find growth and satisfaction in your working relationships.

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